Client Experiences and Testimonials

Client Experience, Russ
Client Experience, Russ
Russ Porter, Rockwall School of Music
I had no idea how much there was to learn about social media marketing until I met Heather Nichols. Our school of music had a decent presence on social media prior to working with Heather. From day one of our partnership with Heather, our presence increased exponentially. Heather is professional in every sense and a delightful person with which to work.
Client Experience, Bryan
Client Experience, Bryan
Bryan Flanagan, Flanagan Training
In working with Heather, I have always found that she is professional, personable, effective, and efficient. She approaches her work with “the end in mind” and understands that she is only successful when her clients are successful. I have benefited in a number of ways by working with Heather. The biggest and most challenging (and the most valuable) is that she holds me accountable. And she does so with a smile! You will enjoy working with Heather Nichols.
Client Experience, K.T.
Client Experience, K.T.
K.T., Speaker/Author
As a speaker, author and coach, it’s important to me that my website reflect who I am. Heather helped me clarify my message and boosted my confidence in what I offer. She consistently over delivers, plus, she’s simply a whole lotta fun to work with.
Client Experience, Helen
Client Experience, Helen
Helen P., Petrissage Massage
Heather Nichols of the Biz Fizz is the best at social media, and can help you with your business in areas that you may have overlooked. She did a great job on my website, and gave me tips on my Facebook page. Thanks, Heather, for your hard work.

“Any change in your marketing mix can change your SALES and RESULTS.” – Brian Tracy

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